The Illuminated Alphabet Competition – Ending SoonIf you’ve been…


The Illuminated Alphabet Competition – Ending Soon

If you’ve been following the 6th edition of the global lettering phenomenon, 36 Days of Type[1] on Instagram you’ll know that today is letter Y.  (If you aren’t’ aware of this project where have you been? Take a look…[2])

As the 36 Days project winds up you may be excited to hear that there’s another letter-a-day competition running from the House of Illustration[3]. The HoI is the UK’s only public gallery dedicated solely to illustration and graphic art. 

The competition is happening along side the fantastic Cortina Kent: Power Up exhibition. Billed as “The UK’S biggest ever show of work by the pop artist, social activist and nun”. It features 70 screen printed works from Andy Warhol’s contemporary, some shown above.

Enter your lettering work here[5].


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