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The topic of data management may sound boring to some and it seems to be just another chore that needs to be done. But effective Data Management is really important! Still, even when it’s done amazingly well, data management is never in the spotlight.  When data management is done really well, it’s ultimately just a process running in the background holding your company together and taken for granted. But when it’s done badly it can be a source of frustration and result in costly errors, waste or even damage your company’s reputation.

File Management

Today employees are looking for easy and fast ways to share information and complete their work. Shadow IT represents the unknown applications and facilities that enterprise workers use to meet their data exchange needs: USB devices, mobile devices, email, and online file transfer services. If you don’t provide an effective platform to manage enterprise data within your organization, you’re at risk of employees connecting and sharing through unmanaged networks outside of your organization.  Even if you have a system in place, you’re still at risk if it’s too cumbersome to use. Employees may be working in parallel with the company platform choosing the easiest route to collaborate.

CAD collaboration platform

Data Management is far more than just data creation and data storage.  The success of your organization will be defined by the way business data is transformed into usable knowledge to create value. So, Data and file management is more of a dynamic and transformational topic. Unfortunately, many companies rely on aging line-of-business systems and legacy infrastructure which prohibits their ability to move at the speed of the Internet.

How effective file management can help you produce better quality products?

Bringing a product to market is a complex endeavor, it involves vast expertise from different disciplines, from mechanical, electrical, software and business management. It’s a timely process from Design, Engineering, Tool Making and on to Manufacture. A common business approach when considering this lengthy process is to optimize the speed and throughput of it, ideally without impacting quality. Producing quality products is not the responsibility of the Quality Assurance and Quality Control team.  Quality cannot be bolted on the end of the process, it is the result of an effectively managed process throughout.  Quality is the responsibility of every stakeholder involved in the process. Having visibility and governing the information and data exchange that happens throughout this entire process is what gives you control over product quality. Simply stated: quality is not the absence of defects.  Quality is achieved through alignment across the organization, project, and teams to meet and exceed customers desired outcomes.

produce better quality

It’s really about improving the quality and accuracy of corporate communication.  Managing your data effectively helps to reduce human error and aligns the flow of information in and through the company. At a minimum, it will help empower employees to work together in a productive manner.  But data management is more than file storage, it’s about visibility and accessibility. Once your team can visualize the big picture, it will drive people to come up with unique solutions to tough problems and exceed customers’ desired outcome.

effective file management

So, to answer our first point, by managing your design files and documentation can maximize productivity and improve product quality. But we’re not just talking about CAD and design files here, this applies to all enterprise files and information. Which leads us to the next point.

Collaboration and file management

Collaboration is more than 1 hour per week that your project team meets. It’s an ongoing line of communication, not a single event. The typical interaction most teams get is during a structured reporting session and this is not what we consider to be a true collaboration.

effective data management

At Actify we believe it requires a neutral platform that supports the needs and connects the information from different disciplines to effectively communicate, share information and securely collaborate regardless what file type or line of business system you typically use. Our solution collates enterprise data, digests its content and presents the information back in a universally understandable format that is user-friendly for all enterprise workers to adopt. One of the biggest benefits is that you are able to effectively collaborate on project data with team members, regardless of geographical location.

Automate Enterprise File Versions

data management and file versioning

Data management is far more than just file storage. It’s about enhancing communication and visibility of information and file status to improve productivity and prevent errors associated with producing from out of date information. Actify Centro enables your teams to securely collaborate and eliminate concerns over version control and data loss.  Through robust features such as check-in and check out Centro can automatically manage versions of your enterprise files, not just CAD. Centro provides a library of functions and it is very modular to further tailor and configure to meet your needs.

feature library

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