20+ Creative CV / Resume Templates with Cover Letters


Hand-picked best resume templates[1] and cv resume design with attention-grabbing cover letter and portfolio pages. In every download pack have fully editable PSD or Doc files will allow access to your professionally designed resume template + cover letter + references template. The template can be easily customized to your liking and includes all necessary files for a quick set-up. Delete or add anything you desire in the document, change colors or simply keep the original design.

The best resume templates[2] are available in Photoshop PSD, Illustrator AI and Word formats. These resume templates are clearly organized and labeled so you can be confident in getting the best results in the fast possible time. All templates are perfect for photographers, designers, and developers with easy to customize fully Photoshop  layered PSD files.

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Best Creative Resume Templates

Clean, Modern and Professional Resume and Letterhead[3] design. Fully customizable easy to use and replace color & text. Check out the screenshots to see all features. Please, feel free to post a comment and tell us what do you need more. I will try to add more professional, clean and minimal resume templates[4] soon. Enjoy.

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Word Resume & Cover Letter Template[6]

Download Resume[7]

Creative Resume Template / CV[8]

Download Resume[9]

Modern 2 Page Resume Template[10]

Download Resume[11]

Resume/CV – The Jordan[12]

We created the professional and high-quality resume template to help you make a great impression when applying for a job. All designs are easy to edit and fully customizable. You can use these templates for many years over and over.

Download Resume[13]

Elegant Word Resume & Cover Letter[14]

Download Resume[15]

Resume/CV – The Taylor[16]

Download Resume[17]

Professional Resume / CV[18]

Clean, Modern and Professional Resume and Letterhead design. Fully customizable easy to use and replace color & text.

Download Resume[19]

Perfect Resume / CV Template[20]

Download Resume[21]

Perfect Resume / CV[22]

Preparing a resume should never be a stress anymore! We are a team of experienced professionals with extensive exposure to the job recruitment industry. Our thorough knowledge of what it needs for a resume to stand out has lead us to create the ideal designs for our easy to use templates. Our resumes will allow your key skills to shine with confidence, sophistication and clarity.

Download Resume[23]

Modern Professional Resume Template / CV[24]

Professionally designed, easy-to-edit template package for the job seeker who wants to leave an unforgettable impression. Fast track your job search with a resume as professional, creative, and versatile as you are! Fully customizable in Microsoft Word. Unlimited edits for use again and again.

Download Resume[25]

ONE Page Resume Template[26]

Download Resume[27]

Simple Resume Template / CV[28]

Download Resume[29]

Dynamic and Professional Resume Template[30]

Easy to edit and customise, with a single page resume design, cover letter templates. Business cards are also included to complete the look. All elements can be customised to perfectly fit your needs. This is the fast and flexible solution for anyone looking for a professional looking resume.

Download Resume[31]

Minimal and Clean Resume Template[32]

Minimal and Clean Resume Template, A Clean Cover Letter. You can show your professionalism only with a Clean and Sharp Resume.

Download Resume[33]

Elegant Resume/CV Word Template[34]

Professional   Clean Resume/CV Word Template. Elegant page designs are easy to use and customize, so you can quickly tailor-make your resume for any opportunity and help you to get your job.

Download Resume[35]

Awesome Resume Template / CV[36]

Download Resume[37]

Creative & Professional Resume / CV[38]

Download Resume[39]

Simple Clean Resume Template / CV[40]

Download Resume[41]

Professional High Quality Resume Template[42]

Download Resume[43]

Clean, Modern and Professional Resume and Letterhead design[44]

Download Resume[45]

Resume and Portfolio Template 4 Pages[46]

Download Resume[47]


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