26 Best Lettering Procreate Brushes


Amazing Procreate lettering brushes. These brushes are easy to use, whether for beginners or professionals. Professional lettering brushes[1], calligraphy brush, brush texture, ribbon brush, shawl brush, signature brushes[2], spray brush and shadow brushes for the iOS APP Procreate. Lettering Procreate brushes can be used for stationery, write a letter, invitation, logo, make a font, lettering, and many more.

NOTE: These brushes are only compatible with the iOS app Procreate for iPad. They won’t work as a Photoshop Brushes[3]Illustrator Brushes[4] or other digital drawing/editing software’s.

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Procreate Lettering Brushes

The brushes have subtle texture which follows the line of the text as it would on real hand-drawn typography. Using a hand-drawn font works well for small pieces of text but when it comes to headlines, the extra texture gives these brushes the edge. Plus, drawing the text yourself will feel like a much bigger achievement! The other big advantage with these Lettering Brushes Set is that you can re-pose the brushes should you make a mistake. You can also change the color, thickness and length after application.

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Lighter Brushes – Procreate Brush[6]


Procreate Lettering Brushes[8]


40+ Procreate Lettering Brushes[10]


Kota Brush Lettering – Procreate Brush[12]


Twentyletter – Procreate Brush[14]


Procreate Lettering Texture Brushes[16]


Procreate Texture Brush Bundle[18]


The Ultimate Procreate Bundle[20]


400+ Brushes | Procreate Bundle[22]


Graffiti BrushPack For Procreate[24]


Procreate Lettering Brush Bundle[26]

Each brush has been carefully fine-tuned to look and feel just like favorite analog tools – including Procreate brush pens, nibs, chalk, and watercolor. A huge variety is included, with 50 distinct brushes designed specifically for lettering and calligraphy.


RM Airbrush PRO[28]

Perfect hand-responsible soft digital brushes for professional artists and retouchers for Photoshop CS5+ CC+ These brushes simulating extra-smooth sprayed paint spot, common with used in airbrush and graffiti art.


Awesome Procreate Brushes Set[30]


120 Floral Procreate Stamp Brushes[32]

Spice up your lettering art and illustrations with detailed ready to use florals like: flowers, leaves, and ribbons, even if you don’t know how to draw them.


Procreate Lettering Toolkit[34]


Perfect Procreate Bundle[36]


Awesome Procreate Brushes Bundle[38]

Black Friday is here earlier! Procreate Brushes Bundle offers you up to 63% less dollars for the BEST SELLER products of Digi Life e-shop.


Ben Lew’s Procreate Ultrapack[40]

Get all 8 of my Brush packs for Procreate. Includes, at the time of this writing, 136 custom-made, artisanal brushes made specially for Procreate.


Brushpen pack for Procreate App[42]

This pack is my personal search of brush pen forms, it includes 76 different variations of Faber-Castell, Tombow, Pentel brushes (even ruling pens) and more others, which are impossible in reality. ??????


Steady Bonanza Multistyle Fonts[44]


DevBrush For Procreate[46]

These one is for all the typography lovers/typographer who are using the iPad Pro! With DevBrush, you really get the most out of your Apple Pencil! Make your best lettering artwork with DevBrush 2.0 for Procreate!


Stunning Procreate Brush Bundle[48]


The Procreate Hand Lettering Toolkit[50]

In this toolkit you will find everything (hopefully) you need to start hand lettering in Procreate on the iPad Pro. It combines 3 brush sets with a total of 26 brushes to give you a comprehensive collection of inkers, sketchers and monoliners to start having some fun with. As well as the brushes there is also a simple guide walking you through my hand lettering process.


Elegant DevBrush For Procreate[52]


30 Frame Brushes for Procreate App[54]

Streamline your work process of creating frames in Procreate app with just ONE CLICK! I’ve compiled images of all my favorite go-to frames and turned them into stamp brushes that are super duper easy to use and will save you time when you’re in a hurry to get things done.


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