Matte Photo Effect Photoshop Actions for Premium Members


Access All Areas[1] members have a great collection of Photoshop Actions to download this week, courtesy of Shapeshift[2]. Instantly give your photographs the popular ‘matte’ look with this collection of ready-made Actions for Adobe Photoshop. Each of the 15 Actions applies a different effect, including light, moderate and heavy matte looks, along with a selection of creative options with various colour toning.


Shapeshift[3] provide quality design resources for graphic designers and illustrators. You’ll find a range of tools for creating popular art styles and effects, helping you work faster, smarter and more efficiently! Check out the unique Vintage Engraving Lines[4] texture pack, which provides you with a range of detailed linework patterns to reproduce one of the popular aesthetics of the vintage design style.

Find out more about Shapeshift[5]

Matte Photo Effect Photoshop Actions for Premium Members

Included in this Photoshop Actions set are 15 photo effects that give your images a matte appearance inspired by classic photo prints on matte (as opposed to glossy) paper stock. Choose from a range of effects that process your image by varying amounts, some with interesting colour toning options to enhance your photographs with nostalgic vintage effects.

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