25+ Modern Adobe Lightroom Presets


New Adobe Lightroom presets create Instagram stories, surreal, HDR photos and panoramic effects. Lightoom to mobile and desktop. Edit your photo like a pro with best photo filters lightroom presets. Photography is not just an art it’s profession and the Adobe Lightroom presets[1] are great for Portraits, Fashion photography, Weddings photography, Blog photography, Street & Instagram photography and light filter effectswith just a click. These presets will help to edit your photos like a pro[2] even out lighting, color correct white balance for lighting, brighten, and add an extremely clean overall look to your images.

The best Lightroom presets can create beautiful photography, and a stunning images for Instagram, to helps you gain Instagram followers, and grow your brand. Photo editing presets and photoshop brushes[3] help you elevate your social media presence to the next level. Whether your photos are fashion, flat lay, fitness, food or styled home images this editing preset pack will help you achieve a new level of photo editing.

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These Lightroom presets are quick, one-click install, fully adjustable and customizable to fit your taste, style and lighting conditions. You can download directly to your phone. This Preset is compatible with Lightroom Mobile on a smart phone.

Check out the Modern Lightroom Presents:

In this article we gathered 25+ Modern Lightroom Presets for desktop and smartphones which are created with love & passion.

Maksym Mobile and Desktop Lightroom Presets[4]


UltraPOP Lightroom Presets[6]

Are you looking to add that extra punch of color to your photos? This set of Ultra-POP Lightroom presets is ideal for the task. The set includes 20 different presets that add a punch of color to give your photos some added life.


Winterchrome Lightroom Presets[8]

Add a winter holiday feel to your photography with this set of family, lifestyle and portrait presets for Lightroom. Beautiful skin-tones, warm and cold variations and a special analog touch will make your images stand out.


Trendsetter Lightroom Presets[10]

This professional presets are designed to improve workflow for processing and editing photos with bright, modern and trendy look. Pastel tones, desaturated/faded, matte, creamy skin, soft colors it’s all about this pack. This collection is “must-have” for both photographers, designers and bloggers. They have been tested on different photos and work very well. The adjustments are very smart and clean, so it works well from Lightroom 3.x to CC, the effect will be the same. You can also use these presets with any photo they also could be described as multipurpose.


Fashion Film Lightroom Presets[12]

This professional presets are designed to improve workflow for processing and editing photos with film look colors, rich shadows, with modern and trendy style. Inspired by – Fuji, Kodak, Polaroid and more. Deep tones, desaturated, matte style, clean colors, film fade – it’s all about this pack. Presets have been tested on different photos and work very well.


Nostalgic Films Lightroom Presets[14]

The perfect presets for casual filmic looks. This large preset pack gives you 50 Lightroom presets and LUTs will give your photos a flash of retro style in a single click. And with Lightroom mobile support, you can edit anywhere, any time.


Vintage Film LR Presets & Textures[16]

Feel the charm of real film photography with this unique bundle that puts together 40+ classic film presets (in .lrtemplate, .xmp & .dng) and 10 real dust and scratches film textures to make your photos more authentic. Presets can be used with any version of Lightroom, but you’d need Photoshop or other image processing software to use & apply textures, which come in JPG and PSD formats.


Bright Vibrant FUJIFILM LR Presets[18]


Moody presets for Lightroom[20]


800+ Lightroom Presets Bundle[22]


Clean Corporate Lightroom Presets[24]

Timeless in sophistication and modern in style. Achieve popular looks used in corporate and business photos with these 50 Lightroom presets and LUTs. The skin tone protection algorithm saves you time and gives your photos professional results. And with true Lightroom mobile support, you can edit anywhere on your phone or tablet.


Blogger & Instagram Lightroom Preset[26]


NoFilter Presets[28]


Wedding Lightroom Presets[30]

Wedding Lightroom Presets Collection gives you everything you need to professionally process your images. This comprehensive suite of Lightroom presets was designed for wedding photographers.


Film Look Lightroom Presets[32]

Film Look is a collection of presets for Lightroom and Photoshop Camera RAW that helps photographers to make their photos unique and attention-grabbing! It contains several mouse-made & professionally designed presets.


Wedding Lightroom Presets Bundle HQ[34]

Don’t miss out on this extraordinary offer! BeArt Best Wedding Lightroom Presets Bundle includes 240 Premium Lightroom Presets from our 6 best-selling professional collections. You’ve asked for a Wedding Lightroom Presets Bundle and we’ve Delivered! All Lightroom presets an Ultimate Wedding Photographer needs! This is a fantastic chance to own some of the world’s best-selling Lightroom presets.


Professional Product LR Presets[36]

Product photography editing made easy and simple with BeArt Product Photography Enhancement Lightroom presets and brushes. This collection is your toolbox to enhance and retouch any issues that you may find in your product photos and improve the overall look of your product photography images. In this collection you’ll find Lightroom presets and brushes for exposure fixes, color corrections, finishing touches; it will give you balanced, bright, sharp and eye-catching look.


Best Professional Lightroom Presets[38]

Professional Lightroom Presets: Lightroom Presets contains perfect high quality effect and image will be looks better and beautiful. These presets were tested and adjusted to give good results for a wide variety of images.


Infrared Vibe Lightroom Preset[40]

These infrared Lightroom presets makes your photo feel like it’s from an alternate universe. Inspired by digital infrared cameras and analog infrared films (ex. Kodak Aerochrome). This bundle includes 50 presets for Lightroom mobile, Lightroom desktop, and video editing LUTs.


Pastel Colors Lightroom Presets[42]

Soft Pastel Premium Lightroom Presets Collection was created to give professional and enthusiast photographers a beautiful, unique finish for their wedding, fashion, portrait, family & children images. These presets are perfect for photographers and graphic designers. Now you don’t need to spend hours in Lightroom, with amazing light enhancement and unique color renditions our presets will let you express your style confidently and with minimal effort.


Bozydar Mobile and Desktop Lightroom Presets[44]


ULYANA – Lightroom Presets by Zelensky[46]


Pro Traveler Lightroom Presets[48]

This professional presets are designed to improve workflow for processing and editing photos with film look colors, rich shadows, with modern and trendy style. Inspired by – Fuji, Kodak, Polaroid and more. Deep tones, desaturated, matte style, clean colors, film fade – it’s all about this pack. Presets has been tested on different photos and works very well.


Cinematic Fx Action & Lightroom Preset[50]

This Cinematic Fx Action & Lightroom Preset is designed to create a catchy and sharp look that stands out from the rest, creating a unique smooth style, focusing on different shades.


Kayla Lightroom Presets Dekstop and Mobile[52]



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