Amazing Illustrations Artwork by W.Flemming


Today we are featuring creative graphic artist, designer and digital illustrator artist “W.Flemming”, with his amazing illustration art[1] collection. He was was from Manchester United Kingdom. He migrated from traditional media to digital in a journey through fine arts, commercial graphics and illustration.

He finished his degree in Communicative Arts, and start working in advertisement, where he developed a taste for digital art and eventually turned to illustration. He like to experiment with graphic languages and work in a variety of styles, combining traditional methods with the latest apps, mainly drawing by hand digitally. He is available for creative projects, commissions and collaborations. You have a project in mind – let’s talk!

You can catch W.Flemming on Behance[2].

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W.Flemming Illustrations & Design Art Collection

W. Flemming is a professional graphic artist, designer and illustrator. He drawing digital portraits[3], mostly of people, but also of places, moments, black holes in space, and everything in between. Here is the list of amazing, remarkable Digital Illustrations by W.Flemming. Have a look, and feel the power of Illustration!

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