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Today we are featuring remarkable graphic artist, art director and digital illustrator artist “Samy Halim“. He was born in Algeria and trained at the Fine Arts School of Algiers. After school he moved to Bordeaux, France in 1994 and refined my graphic arts skills[1] on digital tools such as Photoshop & Illustrator. He worked as graphic designer and art director in Paris based studios and agencies for 15 years, before starting his own studio in 2011, specializing in illustration[2], lettering and 3D pack shot visualization. With a strong appetite for a 20s-30s inspired style, blend with a contemporary flair, he can stretch to many different styles and love exploring new ones.

He worked for consumer brands as Coca-Cola, P&G, Nespresso, Nestlé Waters, Evian, Danone, Ferrero, Lindt, Lutti, Biocoop ; alcohol & luxury spirits – Hennessy, Rémy Martin, H.Theoria, Maison La Mauny, Clément Rhum ; cosmetics – Coty, L’Oréal ; luxury fashion – Jean-Paul Gautier, Paul Smith ; entertainment – Ubisoft, Buki, Goliath ; football – PSG, FFF.

In this posts, we will showcase his best illustrations art[3] work for inspiration. You’re welcome to look through his works. Enjoy!

You can catch Samy Halim on Behance[4].

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Samy Halim Illustrations Art Collection

Samy Halim is a professional graphic artist[5], designer and illustrator. He draw digital portraits, mostly of people, but also of places, moments, black holes in space, and everything in between. Here is the list of amazing, remarkable Digital Illustrations by Samy Halim. Have a look, and feel the power of Illustration!

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