Amazing Geometric illustrations by Edgar Rozo


Today we are featuring Professional Digital Geometric Drawing and Illustrator artist “Edgar Rozo“. He is a multimedia engineer in the diploma, and he love illustrator in everyday life. He was born in Bogotá-Colombia and that place has been the greatest inspiration for my illustrations. Roza was passionate about geometry, color, music, and animation and suspense films.

He work daily as a digital designer and illustrator. Some of the clients for whom he have had the pleasure of drawing have been national and international magazines such as Soho, Semana, Bacánika, Credencial, Match of the day, among others. His work is characterized by the vividness of color, unconventional shapes and portraits with volumes that try to escape from my computer screen.

Geometry, by definition, studies the properties of figures in space, but what about “wild” geometry? This is how digital illustration expert Edgar Rozo defines his style, in which he takes geometric figures and prints shadows, lights and colors on them to create characters with depth and volume. His illustrations have led him to work with clients such as the BBC, adidas, CNN Creative, Movistar and more.

He will digitize the sketch with Adobe Illustrator, using the pen, pencil and pathfinder tools.

In this posts, we will showcase his amazing digital geometic illustrations[1] work for inspiration. You’re welcome to look through his works. Enjoy!

You can catch Edgar Rozo on Domestika[2] and Behance[3].

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Digital Geometic Illustrations By Edgar Rozo

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Here is the list of Edgar Rozo Digital Geometric Illustrations work. Have a look, and feel the power of Illustration!

Digital Fanart

Digital Stickers Illustrated

Soccer Legends Geometric Illustrations

Street Fighter Tribute


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