50+ Modern Website Design Examples For 2022


Fresh inspiring website design examples[1] gathered for web designers. List of 50+ Websites design and created by professional web designers and web agencies from all over the world. Each web design have unique story with amazing concept and UIUX. In this website gallery we showcased newly created award winning websites. We hope that this article was able to help you understand some new web design trends 2022.

Designing a more trendy websites with modern UIUX can be easier now than ever thanks to all the available tools, but there are still some coming in future so designers should have to watch out for[2]. We hope that this article was able to help you understand some new Web UI Design concepts that follow new trends.

Today we’re picked up 50+ Modern Websites Design with Amazing User Experience from behance and dribbble for inspiration. All the UI/UX concepts are created by professional designers[3] who can join web’s biggest platforms from all over the web.

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Some people think of a popular blockbuster movie or maybe a song that topped the charts. But for a specific group of professionals, web designers to be exact, the most interesting thing they can discuss about the year are the Web design Trends. 2022 will be a year of making new design concepts, ideas and exploring new techniques. There are lots of new thing we can saw in web industry like more complex parallax scrollinghuge and louder background sound and videosgradient colorhand-drawn typographylive streamingSVGs and of-course more creative and style menus. Below you will see the examples of all trends of 2022 in web design.

In this article, we’ll look at some of the trends we think will boom in 2022. Trends that, if you utilize them early enough, might give you an edge over other web designers in the market today. Hope you like it.

New Website Design Concepts and Ideas For Inspiration

Here is the big list of Modern Website Design[4] Concepts with Amazing UX and UX. Enjoy!

Village Montréal Website Design

A colorful and interactive experience to promote Village Montréal, an internationally recognized 2SLGBTQ+ destination.

Visit Website[5]

Caroselling Digital Studio Website Design

Digitals for Human Experiences, we develop strategic and innovative ideas starting from people and applying them to your website.

Visit Website[6]

Skolkovo Business District Website Design

Live. Work. Play. Learn. Skolkovo business district is the place where companies find the right balance.

Visit Website[7]

Food Compliance Internationa Website Design

An inspiring and lively yet highly functional and content-rich website for a legal company.

Visit Website[8]

Leroy Merlin Inspirational Mag Website Design

Discover inspirational trends by Leroy Merlin, the french home improvement retailer leader

Visit Website[9]

Humbleteam Website Design

Humbleteam is a Prague-based product design agency that helps startups and enterprises design and reinvent digital products.

Visit Website[10]

Pablo Farias Website Design

Artisan who creates unique pieces of art made with passion & love in Cremona.

Visit Website[11]

Kalso Website Design

Visit Website[12]

Photovogue Festival 2021 Website Design

An immersive platform to host the Photovogue Festival 2021: three different eyes artworks introduce the user to the site sections

Visit Website[13]

kirifuda inc. Website Design

kirifuda inc. is a creative company based in Tokyo. This is our new website for PC.

Visit Website[14]

Compose It Website Design

Visit Website[15]

Daria Izbash Website Design

Portfolio website for photographer Daria Izbash focusing on fashion, commercial, personal projects.

Visit Website[16]

PhysioAsten Website Design

PhysioAsten is a physiotherapy practice with locations in Asten & Niederneukirchen, Austria.

Visit Website[17]

Orano Go For Climate Website Design

An interactive race to fight against global warming: Let yourself deep dive into 6 majors electric energies.

Visit Website[18]

Vivid+Co Website Design

Vivid+Co is a full-service agency and strategic advisor partnering with visionaries to solve their toughest challenges.

Visit Website[19]

AQM² Website Design

AQM Squared is an investment firm that mainly invests in the stock market and private equity.

Visit Website[20]

Hyperframe Website Design

We re-imagine and re-engineer building materials as snap-together construction systems so no one has to sacrifice quality, safety, and speed.

Visit Website[21]

ImReallyATRex Website Design

Visit Website[22]

The Sea We Breathe Website Design

Dive into 3 immersive underwater journeys and discover why a healthy ocean means a healthy planet.

Visit Website[23]

15 years of Melon Fashion Group Website Design

Promo for celebration of Melon Fashion 15th anniversary. Highlighted milestones, campaigns, people on an interactive timeline.

Visit Website[24]

PopCorn SyFy Website Design

Exploring SciFi Culture with the PopCorn SyFy Challenge. 42 references of Movies and TV Series to find!

Visit Website[25]

Film Talents Website Design

Visit Website[26]

Cowboy Website Design

Introducing Cowboy, the first electric bike with theft alerts, auto and manual unlock, crash detection, and so much more.

Visit Website[27]

PerimeterWatch Website Design

PerimeterWatch empowers today’s businesses with the latest in network security intelligence and infrastructure.

Visit Website[28]

The Shift Website Design

The Shift was created for things and people desiring a shift – a movement, a change – in business, organization, space, product

Visit Website[29]

Nam Cung Website Design

Nam Cung takes care of its customers and improves its products every time.

Visit Website[30]

Lemkus Website Design

Lemkus is one of the leading retailers in limited edition sneakers and apparel in South Africa, which caters to sneaker enthusiasts.

Visit Website[31]

eumRay Portfolio Website Design

Visit Website[32]

Big Horror Athens Website Design

We are a digital creative studio. The thrill of the endless challenge to create awe-inducing experiences drives our creative ethos.

Visit Website[33]

Vroom! Obstacle Racing Website Design

Visit Website[34]

Alkemy Brand Experience Website Design

Brand Experience deploys an alchemy of people, skills and methodologies to simplify brand management in a post-digital world.

Visit Website[35]

30th anniversary of Ukraine Website Design

Visit Website[36]

MSI – The Match Maker Website Design

Create your gamer profile, match with a similar player & test your skills in a series of mini games.

Visit Website[37]

125 Years of TPU Website Design

Visit Website[38]

I, THE QUEEN Website Design

THE QUEEN, an exciting line of majestic wines from Columbia Valley, WA that celebrates female empowerment.

Visit Website[39]

Dillinger Website Design

We do films, not big words and long sentences. We do trust, soul and craft, reaching deep and aiming high, variable fonts.

Visit Website[40]

Joseph Berry Masterclass Website Design

Animation and Interaction is a fundamental part in creating engaging and exciting experiences. Learn the crucial techniques.

Visit Website[41]

Faces of War Website Design

Visit Website[42]

Poltrona Frau – Take Your Time Website Design

A virtual unveiling of the new collection where video stories and products merge to offer an interactive digital catalogue.

Visit Website[43]

Floema Jewelry Website Design

Visit Website[44]

The Harmonic State Website Design

Explore three webgl levels and learn how IBM transforms business operations from dissonance to harmony through Watson’s insights.

Visit Website[45]


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